Copy of Art Gallery Fabric Homebody, Presently Plumes Rose by Maureen Cracknell - SCALE: photo = 8" square - 100% cotton quilting fabric

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SOLD BY HALF YARD (unless specified as a piece of a certain number of inches)
Multiples will be continuous fabric for your convenience.

Art Gallery Fabrics are known for their high thread count and gorgeous "hand." 

Homebody celebrates the unspoken magic of being home. Find yourself surrounded by cheerful florals, cozy feathers, and soft textures that encapsulate a calm, peaceful space that nourishes and comforts you. 

DOMESTIC orders over one lb (approx. 2.5 yds) ship Priority Mail.

42-45 inch wide cotton

Quantity of 1 = 1 half yard (18" x 44")
Quantity of 2 = 1 yard (36" x 44")
Quantity of 3 = 1.5 yards (54" x 44")

FREE shipping for DOMESTIC orders $35 and over.